K.I.A dream

I was fascinated by this dream because of the way I was able to work with and solve a puzzle EVEN THO
it’s a dream. For me – maybe not for everyone – but for me, calculating (math, for example) or solving a
riddle isn’t part of my dream world. So this one made me pay attention. And the meaning is even more
fascinating. Sometimes, God speaks in riddles or mysteries to see if we will press in to find the meaning.
(Proverbs 25:2)

I dreamt I was at an event where the winner of a riddle would receive $5000 if they could answer the
riddle with COINS – the first letter of which would spell out the answer. I don’t remember the question,
but I heard the presenter give the answer to the person who would judge the result. K-I-A.

How am I going to remember that? I ask myself in the dream. M-I-A stands for “missing in action.” Does
K-I-A stand for “killed in action”? I don’t like that, so I tell myself (in the dream) to remember CIA but
only with a K.

So now to win the prize I need to find a coin that starts with the Letter K, one that starts with the letter I
and one that starts with the letter A. At first I think, “knickel.” That’s great! I’ve got the K. Until I
remember that nickel actually starts with N. So now I’m struggling to figure out what coins to use. And I
remember “Indian head nickel.” I have the “I.” Then “Abraham Lincoln penny.” Now I have the “A.” I’m
pretty sure Terry has both coins in his coin collection, so all I need now is to come up with a coin that
starts with the letter “K.”

Now, I’m not a problem-solver in a dream. I can’t do calculations. When I have a dream where I’m
making a phone call, I can’t actually manage to dial the right number. That part of my brain is just not
engaged in dreams. So when I get the “K” I am confident this is more than a dream.

“K.” Kennedy half dollar. I get my three coins, bring them to the judge, and win the $5000 prize.

End of dream.

So I tell Terry the dream, and how I am confident it has meaning because of the way it unfolded, but I
have absolutely no idea what it could represent. And without a second thought he says, “Pray for President Trump. “

And He explains: “K.I.A. usually represents ‘Killed In Action.’ You have two assassinated Presidents, one
on either end of your riddle answer. [K, Kennedy, half dollar; A, Abraham Lincoln, penny].In the middle
you have an Indian [representing the Curse placed against American Presidents]. An assassination would 
be devastating for this country, and there is so much coming against him, so pray for President Trump.“

So, any force that would come against President Trump, any attempts, any harm, not only do I pray that
God will Keep IAway, I believe God’s intention is exactly that: All harm, all malice, all evil, all violence,
all ill intentions, Lord, Keep IAway from President Trump and from our country.  Scripture tells us to
Pray for our Leaders whether we agree with them, whether we like them, whether we voted for them or
not. Pray that any and every evil plan intended or set in motion against President Trump, against our
country, against our families or ourselves, Lord, Keep It Away.